America is currently fighting a war for her soul! 

Those that have controlled our society for centuries; based upon lies, false news, and deception, simply cannot tolerate the fact that someone outside their inbred humanoids could have possibly won the full support of the people!

Well, THE PEOPLE of these United States have said: ENOUGH, and they have made their voice a resounding ROAR!

No more False Flags, created to involve our nation in wars of convenience for foreign powers! No more allowing media giants to control facts for their sole convenience and the convenience of those that wish our republic harm!

No more granting free lunches that you and your neighbors have to pick up the tab on! No more allowing our purported allies to live high on our dime, while our Middle Class is made non-existent and our nation’s products are punished abroad!

No more appropriations for free health care and SNAP benefits for immigrants. This cannot be allowed while veterans are left homeless and penniless in the republic their forefathers bled and died for, while Congress directs tax dollars to benefit those that have successfully violated and made a mockery of our immigration laws.

No more Contra Naturum and/or allowing the law of the republic to become the law of those that mock the very laws of nature and the laws of their very creators!

No more allowing for Orwellian enemies. No more self-created enemies to maintain our republic at constant war for the benefit of the Military Industrial complex and foreign interests!

No more allowing changes to the very teachings and laws of our God to serve the immoral agenda of the few!

And no more bashing of the Jewish State to accommodate those that have sworn our destruction as their ultimate goal and the elimination of our constitution for Sharia Law!

Simply stated: No more walking on eggshells and trading away the future of our children to pacify those that only wish us harm!

Help us launch this historic movement at this extremely dangerous and demanding time in the history of our republic. Our President is under attack, our democracy at risk of a Coup d’état, and those that have viciously controlled our nation for decades will stop at nothing till they bring our Republic down.

Trump’s Minutemen will be at every Trump rally, we will be internal security, we will organize rally’s and educational seminars nationwide. We will launch mass voter registrations, and we will create community workshops where we invite leadership speakers and network to promote those candidates the POTUS designates as the best candidates to accomplish his national agenda in the Making of America Great Again!

And, most important, we will be the uniformed militia standing by the President, if the enemies of our Republic ever attempt their long-planned Coup d’état.

Be there for us, as we will be there for you, your children and your grandchildren … ensuring a free and prosperous America! Share this with all Conservatives and all groups and organizations you are associated with. Our national web-page will launch October 31, 2018, and we need to have cells in every state before the November elections! Please volunteer, or contribute in every way you can!

“If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.” –Donald Trump

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Our Goal By End October 2018

The first meeting of chosen officers to establish Charters and By-Laws will take place by mid-September 2018.  This site will be a work in progress. The site will eventually be a purveyor of REAL TRUMP NEWS, all 50 States will have their own pages and news RSS Feeds to all REGISTERED MEMBERS. We will promote, network and aggressively advertise for Trump’s chosen candidates for every state. Only Registered Members and Founding Members will have access to internal meeting minutes and information of future planned events at state and national level. We will also feature articles from supporting authors and those closest to our POTUS including, hopefully,  the President and his family. The site will also feature a Members Only Store that makes uniforms available to all our registered members. This site: is scheduled to be fully operational, for all 50 states, by Thursday, November 1, 2018, 12:00 ET

Join us now and help us reach our goals, and the ultimate goal of a new and Great America!

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