CNN to Boycott the White House Christmas Party? Good.

CNN to Boycott the White House Christmas Party? Good.

When most people talk about CNN, the topic turns immediately to “Fake News,” which many believe the network specializes in. The “news” network has finally delivered some good, accurate news for the public to consume.

The Hill reports that CNN has decided they will boycott this week’s White House Christmas party. The tension between the President and the network, known for posting false stories, has grown over the President Trump’s first year in office. They decided to post an official statement, which was shared by Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

CNN has gone toe-to-toe with President Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders on many occasions. Their latest jaded response does not come as a surprise.

A CNN spokesperson told The Hill: “In light of the President’s continued attacks on freedom of the press and CNN, we do not feel it is appropriate to celebrate with him as invited guests.”

“We will send a White House reporting team to the event and report on it if news warrants,” they added. In other words, their stubborn and childlike reaction is a result of being unable to handle the critique of their “work,” which is often based on falsehoods and innuendo.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders proudly announced CNN’s refusal and declared “Christmas comes early! Finally, good news from @CNN” with an attached Politico link explaining the story.

Normally, the White House Christmas party is viewed as a casual event. It occurs every year and gives reporters the chance to talk to members of the administration.

The President has made it known that he is against organizations that promote “fake news,” characterized by unverifiable sources and heavily biased reporting. Many argue that he is trying to interfere with their freedom, as organizations like CNN suggest. Instead, the President is trying to expose what these organizations are attempting to do to the general public. They can continue reporting as they do, but the President is informing the public that they are consuming politically biased news, sliced and diced to fit the Leftist agenda.

Last Monday, the President tweeted that there should be a contest for all networks, except Fox News, to determine which is  “the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me).”

The fact that he implied he was their favorite president was enough to set the media into a frenzy, as Greg Gutfeld of The Five pointed out Tuesday.

President Trump has called out CNN after their boycott of the annual White House Christmas party. Is CNN management being jaded in their decision to opt out of this holiday tradition?

President Trump went on to slap CNN by saying that they are not good for this country. In fact, he believes they represent the US to the rest of the world “poorly.” In reality, people from other countries don’t typically have good things to say about CNN either.

Many know that there are stories published and broadcasted by CNN that are blatantly false, and the network is guilty of misleading the public. Instead of admitting their flaws and working to better their journalistic presentation, they choose the path of resistance — resisting President Trump, that is.

They will likely not give up anytime soon, but now, more are becoming aware of their flaws.

BREAKING: Top Dem Caught In Sickening Scandal, It’s Gross

BREAKING: Top Dem Caught In Sickening Scandal, It’s Gross

There is an alarming number of sex scandals taking place right now. The sheer number of scandals can be hard to keep up with, especially when more people are added to the list of offenders each day, and with increasingly disturbing allegations.

US Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), recently stepped down after allegations of sexual misconduct. Former aides are coming forward to announce the misconduct that occurred while they worked for him. One aide revealed that Conyers would often be seen in his underwear, according to CNN. This allegation is becoming increasingly common in cases such as this. It seems that the Democrat Party, in particular, has an inordinate number of its membership falling to these accusations.

An employee named Melanie Sloan came forward to report what she saw while she was on the job with Rep. Conyers. She claimed that the Congressman once called her to the office while he was in his underwear.

“I was pretty taken aback to see my boss half-dressed,” Sloan said. “I turned on my heel, and I left.”

Bob Weiner was Rep. Conyers’ Communications Director from 1994 up until the year 2000. Instead of condemning the horrible actions of Mr. Conyers, he is defending the Congressman. Weiner spoke to reporters to tell another version of the story.

“Something else that people need to know: his closet is in his office right here. He changes clothes in his office. Most of us have walked in on him accidentally without knocking and have seen him in his underwear. Big deal,” Weiner said.

The issue many have with Weiner’s statement is that he is talking about observations of people just walking into the Congressman’s office without knocking. What happened to Sloan was a completely different scenario altogether.

Mr. Conyers called Sloan back into the room while he was in his underwear. It is clear that he was making an advance toward Sloan to see if she would accept his invitation. Mr. Conyers tried to do it subtly, but the intent is clear.

Weiner went on to defend the Congressman’s other actions, referring to them as “surly moments” with staffers. Of course, Weiner reasons that Mr. Conyers wasn’t sexist.

Instead, Weiner offered this explanation: “That’s not sexist. That’s just being aggressive as the member of Congress or the Cabinet member or the VIP that you are. It has nothing to do with being anti-women. I got it too.”

In other words, being a sexist isn’t about what one does — it’s about political party affiliation. The media has overwhelmingly downplayed and defended the accusations made against Democrats or otherwise notable figures on the Left. Any time an accusation –of any kind — surfaces against a Republican, the media instantly determines guilt and portrays the accused as such.

The former-Communications Director for US Rep. John Conyers has gone on record to defend the Congressman from multiple sexual harassment allegations. Should Mr. Conyers be more scrutinized for the allegations against him?

Instead of admitting that they acted inappropriately and that they are the purveyors of sexual harassment toward staffers, this Democrat claims the Congressman was just “being aggressive as a member of Congress.”

This epidemic of sexual harassment is showcasing the Democrats’ true colors. They will support absolutely anyone just as long as they have the same political beliefs. The partisan hack nonsense needs to stop — sex crimes are sex crimes, regardless of political affiliation.

Secret Service agent threatens to go public on Clinton sex trips

Secret Service agent threatens to go public on Clinton sex trips

It is no mystery that former-President Bill Clinton was caught in multiple sexual scandals before and after his presidency. Now news is trickling out that could devastate the Clintons forever.

Dan Bongino, a former Clinton Secret Service employee, was recently interviewed on Tucker Carlson’s show where he dropped a bombshell about the corruption in Clinton’s circle. He is also speaking out on Twitter against another Clinton employee, Nick Merrill. Merrill said Clinton was a joy to work for and there were no problems there. Bongino responded, “Be careful Nick, people know things not yet released publically about your messiah Hillary. Don’t poke the bear loser; you may not like the results. $#Epstein #EmailGate.”

Bongino’s response is important for two reasons. First, he is speaking out against people trying to cover-up corruption within the system — something the Clintons are familiar with.

Merrill is trying to dismiss Bongino’s claims because he feels like the Clintons are so powerful that no one will catch on to the story. He is wrong.

Also of importance in Bongino’s tweet is that he referenced Epstein. He is, of course, referencing the billionaire and alleged sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein.

Reports say that Bill Clinton used to ditch his Secret Service to go to Epstein’s island. Clinton would board the “Lolita Express,” a jet that shuttles rich men to Epstein’s own private island.

Instead of using the secluded location to discuss important business matters away from the eyes of the media, the island is used for much more sinister purposes.

After Epstein was arrested in 2005, he admitted what happened on his private island. He said that he would use the island as a place to arrange sexual liaisons between the men that would come there–who were always rich and powerful–and underage girls.

It was then revealed in 2016 documents that Clinton took trips to this island at least five times. When considering Clinton’s own sexual misconduct, it’s a possibility that he may have had some involvement in the underage prostitution taking place.

Bongino’s tweet suggests that he knows more damning details about the Clinton Family and Epstein. Things could get messy for the Clintons as Bongino continues to go public with information regarding his time in the Secret Service.

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino is revealing sensitive information about the Clintons. Will this sink the Clintons politically?

The former Secret Service agent described Hillary Clinton this way: “I found (her) to be the most deceptive human being; manipulative political person in a position of power I’d ever met in my entire life.”

The words are harsh, but Bongino’s close time spent with the Clintons gave him a better insight than any political analyst could have regarding Mrs. Clinton’s personality in private. The evidence seems to be piling on the Clinton Family and is looking bad for their dynasty — especially if she is faced with more investigations.

Bongino will undoubtedly release more stories about his time with the Clintons. There is a treasure trove of information that he is hinting about releasing. Will this be the final nail in the Democrats’ coffin? Only time will tell, but it is not looking promising for either Clinton or the cronies that work underneath them.

Bill Clinton’s victims demand resignations from Al Franken and other Democrats

Bill Clinton’s victims demand resignations from Al Franken and other Democrats

Considering the recent sexual abuse cases emanating from Washington, DC, former victims are coming together and demanding that their voices be heard.

Female victims of Bill Clinton and Al Franken will be arriving in Washington, DC for a news conference, where they are demanding the resignation of Senators Al Franken (D-MN), and John Conyers (D-MI), according to a Twitter post from Melanie Morgan. “National Press wire (owned by Libs) refuse to publicize this event at Nat’l Press Club,” she added.

Senators Franken, Conyers, and Joe Barton (R-TX), are all accused of sexual misconduct, including making unwanted sexual advances to their female staff. Many of these alleged victims will be joining together at the National Press Club to voice their concerns.

Others present will include women who claim they have been abused by former-President Bill Clinton, including Juanita Broaddrick, who claimed the former-President raped her. Others include Paula Jones, who settled a sexual harassment suit with Bill Clinton before her lawsuit went to trial, and Leslie Millwee, who said she was stalked and attacked three times by the former-President.

Melania Morgan — a Washington-based ethics lawyer, head of Media Equalizer, and former-alleged victim of Sen. Al Franken — organized this event where she, too, will share her experience with Mr. Franken.

“He approached me backstage, angrily called me out on those numbers and insisted he would prove he was right. He wouldn’t leave me alone, he kept following me. As a woman, his presence and proximity to me felt very threatening and intimidating,” Morgan claims. “I didn’t realize his creepy behavior after the show meant it would continue in the days to come.”

The women, in addition to calling for the resignation of these three members of Congress, will also be demanding an end to the Capitol Hill practice of secretly settling various harassment claims with taxpayer money.

Recent reports revealed that the congressional Office of Compliance paid out over 17 million dollars in taxpayer-funded settlements in over 264 cases over the last 20 years, according to The Washington Post. Many of those 264 cases of workplace violations included sexual misconduct settlements – all of which required the alleged victim to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Many others have accused the current political establishment of keeping these scandals under wraps. Trish Regan tweeted a segment on Fox News where she criticized many top Democrats for doing their best to hide these accusations.

Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand, (D-NY), Diane Feinstein (D-CA), and Reps. Jackie Speier, (D-CA) Kathleen Rice (D-NY), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA) and Melanie Sloan, head of the liberal watchdog group Citizens for Ethics & Responsibility, were invited to attend the event. At present, no one has accepted the invitation.

Alleged sexual assault victims of former-President Bill Clinton are holding a press conference about the rash of sexual abuse claims coming out of Washington. Should there be zero tolerance for sexual harassment?

Other speakers at the event include Alveda King, niece of the late Martin Luther King Jr., and radio talk show host Blanquita Cullum.

As the mainstream media, as well as the prevailing political establishment, continue to do their best to cover-up these stories, it’s unlikely that these women will allow themselves to be silenced.

BREAKING: New Scientific Discovery Confirms Biblical Bombshell

BREAKING: New Scientific Discovery Confirms Biblical Bombshell

News coming out of the scientific world has just granted more validity to Christianity; information that will silence critics of the faith.

According to The Telegraph, new scientific testing was conducted on what is widely regarded as Jesus’ tomb. The results–just recently revealed–support traditional beliefs that have always been maintained about Christianity’s most sacred site.

The site, believed to be the tomb from which Jesus emerged, is located in what is now the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The tomb is encased in a shrine, called an edicule. Stewardship rights to the church are shared between Greek Orthodox, Armenian and Roman Catholic denominations, all of which have been in dispute for decades over how to renovate and preserve the sacred site.

During the renovation efforts in October of 2016, “the cave thought to be the tomb of Jesus was opened for the first time in centuries.”

This is the first time scientific testing has been conducted on the original materials at the site. Mortar uncovered during the restoration was tested after being buried for centuries. In March, the shrine was reopened after renovations were complete.

The testing revealed that the mortar dates back to the fourth century, supporting traditional beliefs about the site. While it does not confirm as a fact that Jesus was buried at the site, the findings are consistent with historical accounts that believe a Roman monument was erected on the site 300 years after Jesus’ death.

Atonia Moropoulou, a preservation specialist from the National Technical University of Athens, stated: “This is a very important finding because it confirms that it was, as historically evidenced, Constantine the Great responsible for cladding bedrock of the tomb of Christ with the marble slabs in the edicule.”

Moropoulou believes the mortar is consistent with historical periods, from the Byzantine era, the Crusades, the Renaissance, and even beyond. She also determined that much more of the cave is still enclosed in the shrine’s walls.

Historical tradition maintains that when Constantine the Great transitioned the Roman Empire to Christianity in fourth century AD — circa 326 — he ordered the monument to Jesus to be built upon the tomb in which Jesus was believed to be buried.

Constantine was the first emperor of Rome to convert to Christianity. He went on to heavily promote Christianity, including efforts to implement religious tolerance and end the persecutions against Christians.

Over the years, other monuments were built on top of the tomb. The site was repeatedly destroyed by fires, earthquakes, and violent attacks. The total destruction of the monument took place in 1009, and was the monument was completely rebuilt. It left experts wondering whether or not the site could be identified.

The tomb’s original limestone surface “burial bed,” along with a since-broken marble slab covering imprinted with a cross, have both been dated back to AD 345. Several samples underwent rigorous testing by Moropoulou and her university team, who oversaw the delicate renovation process. Multiple samples were tested by two separate labs, using “optically stimulated luminescence (OSL), a technique that determines when quartz sediment was most recently exposed to light.” The results will appear in a future issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.

New scientific examinations indicate the designated burial site of Jesus Christ corroborates to historical records. Has science proved the authenticity of Christianity’s most sacred site?

Archaeologist Marin Biddle, who authored a 1999 study of the tomb’s history, said “Obviously that date is spot-on for whatever Constantine did. That’s very remarkable.”

The tomb still holds unsolved mysteries. Over time, experts are hopeful that more evidence can be identified, and that it is just as solid as this discovery.