Don’t Forget The Power Of The Smile

Don’t Forget The Power Of The Smile

The_Power_Of_The_Smile.As we near the final push of holiday shoppers and bumper to bumper traffic, it is a good time to remember the power behind a simple smile. No matter what kind of day one might be having or the stresses one is dealing with, a sincere smile, to a friend or stranger, is a great way to brighten one’s day. The receiver of a smile will appreciate it and the giver should feel good in providing a positive moment to another.  Try it. Smile and hold a door open for someone. Smile to the person in the drive thru. Smile as you walk by someone in a crowded store or in a waiting room. It is truly amazing how powerful a smile can be. A simple nonverbal gesture is a universal way to express joy, appreciation and kindness. If everyone tries to smile just a bit more every day then maybe kindness becomes the norm and not the exception. Smile And The World Smiles With You !


Trump/Putin Love Affair

Trump/Putin Love Affair

"President Trump speaking with Putin."Breaking news: Trump in bed with Russia. This just in: Trump pees on Russian prostitutes. Tune in tonight to discover how Trump colluded with Putin. No matter what news worthy event had transpired, all the media could focus on was Trump. And not just Trump, but his fictitious collusion with Russia.

It all started during the election, when rumors where spread that Russia interfered with our results. Because Trump won (which no one saw coming), the media tied Russia, tampering with the election, to Trump’s victory.

Most media outlets reported on the potential of Trump colluding with Russia, but none had proof. And every time we thought the rumor storm had passed, the media would pull out the same story again. Each outlet becoming angrier every time Trump would call them out for spreading fake news.

But now the witch hunt for proof of a Trump/Putin love affair has reached new and disturbing heights. With absolutely no evidence, the media has relentlessly tried to make this conspiracy a reality. It went so far as a “special prosecutor” being brought in to help the investigation.

President Trump has now had his finances looked into, for the POTENTIAL of moving the investigation forward. The potential. Meaning they have nothing to go on, and they are fishing for evidence. How many normal investigations go this route? Would you think the police were really doing their job if they acted this way?

Say, for instance, the police thought John was responsible for committing a murder. But they had no evidence that John committed the murder. Do you think it would be appropriate for them to tear his life apart, hoping for something connecting him to this crime? Most people wouldn’t think so.

But for some reason this is okay to do to our President. It has become the new six degrees of Kevin Bacon, where they will find anything they can to say this collusion exists. When instead they could just accept the fact that their candidate lost the election. Trump won, get over it!

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The Greater Crime

The Greater Crime

Radio host Sean Hannity unloaded on the GOP Monday, calling Republicans “ a dead party … morally corrupt … weak … vision-less … they have no identity”.

While Hannity’s rant may seem extreme, the facts bear him out. Since the GOP regained control of Congress in the 2010 midterm elections, the party has achieved no success in any major area. Here are the major defeats:

[] Every GOP leader since 2010 has promised the repeal of Obamacare. That has not happened, in fact most of the GOP ‘leadership’ refused to even vote on repeal, and blocked bills which tried to repeal the ACA;

[] Every GOP leader since 2010 has promised to address illegal immigration. Instead, no action was taken to stop the flood of illegals, and the GOP not only did not undo Obama’s unconstitutional “Dreamer” free pass for illegals, some Republicans actually played up support for the illegal action in hopes of gaining political support from illegals;

[] Every GOP leader since 2010 has promised to bring jobs back to the US, but instead has done nothing to lower corporate tax rates, which make US headquarters impractical for many global firms;

[] The GOP has done nothing to address evidence of fraud and media manipulation regarding the environment. The Climate Change scams promoted by Obama have gone unaddressed, let alone prosecuted for fraud already made apparent;

[] General Flynn has been charged with lying to the FBI, yet at least two major advisors to Hillary Clinton who have been proven to have lied to the FBI have received no charges at all. Further, Ms. Clinton’s direct complicity in destruction of evidence regarding emails on her private server – also a direct violation of federal law – have received no investigation since Comey decided she was guilty but should not be prosecuted. Even further, Ms. Clinton’s involvement and apparent financial profit from the Uranium One deal is very serious, yet has received no scrutiny from the FBI or anyone in Congress. This level of double standards and hypocrisy is unconscionable.

The plain fact is that GOP leaders have established a habit of lying to get into power, then cooperating with the very people they promised to fight. The taxpayers, the citizens, and the voters who put them in office are cheated by these criminals. That the Democrats in office are as bad or worse, in no way excuses the stench of corruption in GOP offices. GOP leaders are somehow still blind to just why Donald Trump won the GOP nomination – it wasn’t because Trump was a clean-cut Boy Scout, or was the next incarnation of Mister Rogers. It was because Trump was an outsider to ‘same-old-DC-politics’, because he railed in anger against the same lies and ignominy regular Americans see damn near everyone in Congress practice, and because Trump promised to do something about it.

Paul Ryan has been exposed as a fraud. So has Mitch McConnell. So indeed has Jeff Flake (who made a promise in 2000 to serve no more than 6 years in office, but has been there 17 so far), and in fact the overwhelming majority of Republican congressmen (oh yes, you are ‘representing’ all right, just not the people who voted you into office) and Senators (John McCain, for example, has not made a decision in sound mind and good conscience in two decades).

Damn them all.

I’m not going to become a tool for the Democrats. I will vote with deliberation in the general election, but starting now I won’t donate a penny to any ‘National’ committee, and I will support NO incumbent for the House or Senate in a primary race, unless they immediately get off their asses, support Trump’s work to clean up this mess, repeal Obamacare (completely, no half-assed ‘new plan’ to bring the same crap back in the door), get serious about protecting the borders NOW, prosecute Democrats caught in crimes without deals or excuses, and keep all those promises made to get into office. Yeah, it’s tough to do all that, but you made the promises and got in because you made those promises.

The media is making a big deal these days about sexual harassment claims, and yes it’s important to investigate every claim and find out the facts, then act as needed. But a lot more politicians have become rich and powerful through lies and corrupt hypocrisy, and that is a far greater crime.

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Let’s Talk Taxes: What You Should Know

Let’s Talk Taxes: What You Should Know

(image via ShutterStock)

Given the recent passage of tax reform in the US Senate, the media has been increasingly hostile in the news about what this bill does and what it is meant to do.

One statistic that jumps out is that 76.3% of all Americans will see a tax cut in their household. Only 8.5% of Americans can expect their taxes to increase.

(image via Washington Post)

Think about that, 3/4 people in our country will have more money in their pockets as a result of this bill. Only 1/11 people will see a (slight) increase in their taxes. And roughly 1/7 will not see any change in their current tax situation.

The opposition to this bill says that it gives tax breaks to the wealthiest people in America and kills the middle class. It’s a good narrative for the left to use, hitting the top 1% of America who Bernie Sanders spent his campaign demonizing.

But when the smoke clears, the truth of the matter is that the tax bill does not place any strain on the middle class. However it does give relief to the top 1% of America, and it is a larger break than it is to any other class (as defined by the media and the left). Here’s why that isn’t necessarily a problem:

Let’s say that your household makes $900,000/year, which puts you in the top 1%. per average for the tax bracket, your tax cut in 2019 would be $33,190 less than you’re paying this year. That puts 3.68% more of your annual income back into your pocket.

Now let’s look at the middle class. Let’s say another household makes $75,000/year, which would give them an $850 cut. That is a 1.13% increase in relations to their annual revenue.

Okay, we see a difference in the 1.13% addition for the middle class but 3.68% for the upper class. This is one of the many arguments being made against the GOP tax bill, but these numbers aren’t a very accurate representation of how much is actually being saved for the middle class.

The truth of the matter is the households in the $40,000-70,000 bracket will see a 7.1% decrease from their current tax bills, and households in the $20,000-30,000 will see a decrease of 10.4%.

The upper class? Their taxes are cut, but by substantially less than you may be imagining, by 5.3%. That number does come out to $33,190, and the middle class’ comes to $850.

The numbers we need to be looking at are the percentages; that’s where families build their budgets from. $850 goes a lot farther in the $50,000/year household than $33,190 does to a millionaire.

Here’s the cold, hard truth of the matter: both the left and the right can make a case for their sides. The difference is the left has to leave out some of the facts to make their point. Republicans don’t have to hide from the facts because the numbers are in our favor.

If you would like to learn more about how YOU will be affected by the Republican Tax Plan, go to


British Police: Kissing Under Mistletoe is WHAT?

British Police: Kissing Under Mistletoe is WHAT?

(image via ShutterStock)

This one is out in left field, so hold on to your seats, folks.

The British Police have been under fire for some time now; their PC culture has dominated the news, and from the sounds of this last issue it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

The Northern Ireland Police have begun warning citizens via Twitter “If you bump into that special someone under the mistletoe tonight, remember that without consent it is rape.”

Wow. So if you meet your significant other under the mistletoe, in the name of tradition, if they (I should say he, because we all know this is just another man-hating tool) do not ask permission and just kiss you without asking, THAT is rape.

So my first question is when did we redefine rape? I draw a serious issue with the idea that a kiss without consent is anything more than rude. And with that said, where is the logic behind going after a mistletoe? It’s a Christmas tradition dating back to the Norse mythology.

But not to worry, this is coming from the same group that said last month that child pornography should be decriminalized. So they’re obviously experts on the subject.

Of course, this is the left we’re talking about. They’ve always been the side of logic. The whole “everything is rape” narrative is beyond out of hand, but this one is a new low.

Thankfully, the British Police have responded to the backlash it has received, tweeting “We posted a message on Twitter yesterday that some may have taken out of context but the message remains the same; when you are out socialising over the Christmas period, please remember without consent it is rape.”

Glad you could clear that up for us, guys. The people of Great Britain must be so content knowing that you have their backs if they see couples kissing on Christmas. Keep up the good work.