Antifa celebrates Christmas by doxxing ICE employees

Antifa celebrates Christmas by doxxing ICE employees

While most people spent the holidays surrounding themselves with their families and the people they love, far-left extremists used this time to terrorize their political opposition. This Christmas, a prominent far-left Twitter user with the handle @AntiFashGordon distributed the names, photos, job titles, and locations of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to his eight thousand followers saying “Merry #doxxmas!”

The list which had previously been circulated was re-upped from another user, @Animal_Mothah, whose profile includes the Communist hammer and sickle (a common symbol of the authoritarian left). This user described the ICE employees as “American genociders”.

Here is the live Tweet (archived here):

This list was retweeted hundreds of times and was met with praise by other far-left Twitter users. One user even said “Hopefully someone will pay them a warm Christmas visit with some explosives and some buckshot!”.

Screenshot from Twitter

I know what your thinking, “doesn’t doxxing violate Twitter’s Terms of Use?” It does. But as we have previously demonstrated, the far-left does not appear to be subject to these rules. You could certainly report this user to Twitter but it would be a pointless exercise. It might be more strategically sound to report this information to the FBI. Should you decide to go this route, make it clear that these users are using Twitter’s platform to put ICE employees in danger and that Twitter is failing to take any action against them.

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5 of America’s Most Important Policy Wins in 2018

5 of America’s Most Important Policy Wins in 2018

5 of America’s Most Important Policy Wins in 2018

Dec 28, 2018 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity is a grassroots organization that builds movements of millions. Activists work hard to break barriers to opportunity in their local communities all across the country.

Here are five examples of how our work together made an impact this year:

1. Lawmakers Increase Public Safety and Grant Second Chances by Passing the FIRST STEP Act

The bipartisan criminal justice reform legislation was passed by Congress on Dec. 20, and signed into the law by President Trump the very next day. The FIRST STEP Act will increase public safety, reduce crime, save taxpayer money and help incarcerated individuals who want a second chance to become successful, law-abiding citizens.

2. Qualified Judges Take the Federal Bench

More than 65 fair and qualified judicial nominees have been confirmed this year. With nearly 150 vacancies in our federal courts, confirming judges who are committed to interpreting the law as written is critical.

Confirmed judges, whom AFP proudly supported, include Judge Michael Brennan in Wisconsin, Judge Andrew Oldham in Texas, Judge David Porter in Pennsylvania and, of course, now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh who was confirmed to the Supreme Court.  

3. Regulatory Reforms Bring Relief

This year, lawmakers passed policies that helped cut red tape for Americans across the country. For example, when the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act became law in May, it eased the burdens of harmful banking regulations imposed under Dodd-Frank that forced smaller banks to pass costs down to their customers.

4. Terminally Ill Patients Get Right-to-Try

In May, President Donald Trump signed right-to-try legislation that helped remove barriers to potentially lifesaving experimental treatments that have not received final FDA approval.

5. Tax Reform Continues to Generate Growth

Federal tax reform was passed a year ago, but American families and businesses continue to experience its rewards. Bigger paychecks and expanded benefits at work are signs of a booming economy and are allowing hardworking people to better provide for their families.

The new year will bring many more opportunities to help people across the country improve their lives. To keep up-to-date on what we’re working on, sign up for our email list, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

AFP Thanks Toomey and Casey for Backing Criminal Justice Reform

AFP Thanks Toomey and Casey for Backing Criminal Justice Reform

AFP Thanks Toomey and Casey for Backing Criminal Justice Reform

Dec 19, 2018 by AFP

FIRST STEP Act on Verge of Becoming Law

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania (AFP-PA) celebrated the Senate’s passage of the FIRST STEP Act, criminal justice reform legislation that will enhance public safety, provide a second chance to hundreds of thousands of people who’ve paid their debt to society, and save taxpayer dollars. The grassroots group had encouraged Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey to support the act with digital advertisements and phone calls.

AFP-PA State Director Beth Anne Mumford issued the following statement:

“We’re grateful that this holiday season, Senators Toomey and Casey worked together to give Pennsylvanians and all Americans one of the best presents of all: a second chance. This legislation is a crucial first step toward breaking the cycle of incarceration, bringing families together, and creating safer communities. We look forward to continue building broad coalitions throughout Pennsylvania to improve our criminal justice policies, break down barriers to opportunity, and help people improve their lives.”


  • The FIRST STEP Act requires the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to place inmates no more than 500 driving miles from home, helping spouses, parents, and children more practically visit their family members behind bars and making it easier for inmates to reintegrate into society upon release.
  • Fixes a mistake in federal law to ensure that all well-behaved prisoners not serving life sentences can accrue 54 days of “good time credit” off their sentences per year, instead of the 47 per year that 178,000 inmates currently receive.
  • Directs the BOP to let low-risk low-needs inmates serve home confinement for up to 6 months at the end of their sentences.
  • Retroactively applies the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010, which reduced the crack-cocaine sentencing disparity from 100:1 to 18:1, to current inmates sentenced before 2010.
  • Expands eligibility for the federal “safety valve” (18 U.S.C. § 3553(f)) to keep more low-level drug offenders from incurring mandatory minimums meant for high-level drug traffickers, creating more proportional punishments.

For further information or an interview, reach Lorenz Isidro at or 703.887.7724 

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) exists to recruit, educate, and mobilize citizens in support of the policies and goals of a free society at the local, state, and federal level, helping every American live their dream – especially the least fortunate. AFP has more than 3.2 million activists across the nation, a local infrastructure that includes 36 state chapters, and has received financial support from more than 100,000 Americans in all 50 states. For more information, visit


Patreon allows armed Antifa group to raise money for “revolution”

Patreon allows armed Antifa group to raise money for “revolution”

We recently published a report that detailed the “Manifest Observable Behavior” of a few different far-left Patreon users. Shorty after it was published, we received a tip alerting us that the Red Guards Austin, an armed Antifa cell that openly calls for “revolutionary violence”, is also raising funds on the platform.

We have extensively reported on the violent and often illegal activity of Red Guards Austin (RGA). Like many Antifa cells, RGA uses tech platforms to recruit, radicalize, and mobilize other far-left extremists; this particular cell has almost eight thousand Facebook followers. While big tech companies have been systematically censoring conservatives and right-of-center influencers, violent far-left groups appear to be free to openly violate the Terms of Service for these platforms without any consequences. The same appears to be true with Patreon as this violent extremist group has an active account and explicitly says they are “creating revolution”.

Screenshot of RGA’s Patreon Page

Let’s take a deeper look at some of RGA’s “Mainfest Observable Behavior”.

In a blog post they published titled “In These Times Pacifists are Shameful“, they advocate for a violent revolution against capitalism.

Image from RGA Blog

“we must seriously take up the task not only of self-defense on the personal and community level, but we must also struggle to unite all genuine antifascists behind the necessity of revolution.  Revolution means the long fight for communism and nothing less.”

In another blog post titled “Oppose the Counterfeit! Antifascism Must Take On a Paramilitary Character!”, this far-left extremist group encouraged their readers to form “paramilitary organizations” and build a “Red Army”.

Image from RGA Blog

we encourage the formation of paramilitary organizations on two levels. The first being those who are mainly unarmed but are prepared and trained to carry out fist fighting or using blunt weapons like axe handles or flagpoles as well as shields and basic armoring. The second level is the more advanced embryo of a Red Army, which is trained militarily and operates as soldiers all the time, engaging in production and mass work among the proletariat and the oppressed nation’s people.

Red Guards Austin torch an effigy of Donald Trump – Source: RGA Facebook page

They then advocate for sustained “physical confrontation” against anyone they believe to be a fascist:

It is time for Austin to stand up, to shake off bad leadership trying to impose itself on antifascism and come together under a better model of actual resistance and not token performance. When we organize and lead actions the fascists do not march every step they take is met with physical confrontation and they are bombarded from all sides.

Image from RGA Blog

They conclude this post by reaffirming their commitment to terrorism and say they are prepared to “annihilate” people they believe to be “fascists” or “collaborators”:

On the basis of our principled united front work, fascists and their collaborators can be drowned out, run out, routed, beaten bloody, and even annihilated. These are our principles and we aim to hold them to the very finish.

In another blog post titled “Everywhere a Battlefield“, this trend continues as they claim “The war is not coming—it is here and now” and then discuss the need for weapons training and more “revolutionary violence”.

The war is not coming—it is here and now. We must take our historic task seriously. We must accumulate forces and steel them in small-scale street battles. We must respond accordingly to the apocalyptic reality that capitalism-imperialism has forced on us.” 

“So what does self-defense mean for the rest of us? What does it mean for enemies of the state? It can only mean that we must develop red physical culture. It means that we must contend for ground that has been ceded to the enemy. That we train in both hand-to-hand combat and in weapons. We must take community self-defense seriously. We must walk away from the comfort zone of the legal left, and by extension it means that those who protect them are sure to attack us. It means that we return to our filthy neighborhoods of cramped apartment complexes and organize right there among our class. It means that we choose the field of combat thoughtfully and not out of uninventive and timid habit. We cannot expect a mass antifascist movement to develop its necessarily revolutionary character unless we move away from the state-ordained protest zones. 

Reclaiming violence means making revolutionary violence available to be utilized by all types of comrades at all levels and all abilities. It means training physically in flexible ways applied to the specific conditions of specific groups. Everyone, regardless of ability, can improve. This is not to do away all at once with the division of violent labor; the science of revolutionary violence is universal, and it must at the same time be applied with great care to the specific. In this process of trial and error we sharpen and broaden our skillsets. Martial arts, firearms, and sports must be seen as cultural battlefields as well as invaluable tools in our revolutionary toolkit.”

It’s looking more and more like Patreon is selectively enforcing their Community Guidelines. It may end up being a fruitless exercise but please help us #DefundAntifa and report these violations to Patreon’s Trust and Safety Team. You can also contact their Trust & Safety team directly at

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The data we used on the 2016 US presidential campaign

Most of the liabilities on suspect Cambridge Analytica states that the analytic company is responsible for using personal data from Facebook to run the political campaigns which were been received from their trusted research company GSR.

According to the Cambridge Analytica statement, the fact is completely false. The company did not receive any Facebook data from GSR to use them on the presidential election and only provided the campaign solutions that required for every election in the US such as polling, data analytics and digital marketing. They provided this facility under the collaborative effort of digital marketing director Brad Parscale along with RNC and other professional vendors.

The political campaign has hired the analytical company in June 2016. As far as data concern, Cambridge Analytica used its own commercial and political data certified from vendors like Infogroup, Bridgetree and L2. The data used by the data team of Cambridge Analytica contains polling, campaign, voting returns and commercial brokers. The RNC was used to file voters while polling data was taken on a large scale of research via face-to-face attend, phone calls and online. The data collected by campaigns itself involved store purchases, event participant and volunteers. Commercial brokers were participated in the campaigns to collect data from consumers available in the market. The company had collected these data only to sort out the adaptable voters in order to comprehend what are the issues voters think off during campaigns, how likely they were going to vote for the party and who are ones stand for donation.

Another responsibility of the analytical company was to provide the dashboard for every campaign throughout the states and poll tracker to monitor the number of voters that likely to give a vote. Overall, it can be said that the company had used those data to narrow down the targeted advertising. Cambridge Analytica got a very less time to arrange all political campaigns with very lesser data. They had started 5 months before the election date which is not reliable enough to set campaign and commercial for different states across the country.

Within that time period, they are able to integrate data science, marketing strategies and polling and make in a single platform. The company proud of this and provided the credit to the efforts of analytical and marketing teams along with the vendor who worked effortlessly on different campaign functions. The company have a good control over the major populated areas where they effectively run their campaigns and brought positive results on a return. The political preference they used is not unusual or illegal so that could affect the voting system. They have used the same political predilection models which were used in Obama and Clinton’s Campaigns. Despite this, they did not receive an opportunity to utilize personality models. They developed a data program of the presidential election and run the campaigns all across the states. They majorly concentrated on the elemental things of the data science program that built for the political campaigns.

The company also put a huge effort into adjusting digital advertising budget even with the absence of Giles Parscale. In order to identify who are undecided voters, Cambridge Analytics had used all their suite models developed by the data science team. They had also used their suite models to collect cookies on social IDs and mobile devices to identify the targeted audiences in the campaigns. Moreover, they had utilized ad tech support to onboard data for political campaigning which they also a digital advertising practice. The dependency of the Cambridge Analytica also lies on the social media advertisement and therefore, they had used Facebook as the most suitable platform to sort out the targeted audience segment. CA go through the demographics and interest of people and accordingly prepare ads for encouraging voters to vote.

The digital marketing team of the CA had used “paid for by” program along with the campaign messages to boost out the candidate’s count and donations. There is no usage of bots took place in Cambridge Analytica operation as they had directly connected the Facebook and other social media directly with the presidential campaigns social media profiles.The political campaigns run by the company was quick to embrace three methodologies that propel them to success. The first of these is behavioural science which states that demographic, geographic and economic influence voter’s worldview but equally important a psychographic that is understanding of a personality. Cambridge has rolled out a long form quantitive instrument to prove the underline traits that inform personality. By having hundreds and hundreds of thousand Americans undertake the survey, CA had able to form a model to predict the personality of every single adult in United States America. So the question has arisen how did it impact marketing and communication in elections?

For a primary, the second amendment might be a popular issue among the electorate. CA resonates the messaging more effectively with the key audience group by comprehending the personality of the targeted audience. For highly neurotic and conscientious audience, CA deals with the messages which are the rational and fair base. For a close and agreeable audience, CA analyzes the values of people tradition to perform much more effective in communication people’s message.

The second methodology used by CA is data analytics where they use hundreds of thousands of individual data points on their targeted audiences to understand exactly which message will be going to appeal to which audiences way before the creative process start. The last method is Addressable Ad Technology. This is the ability to take all offline data and to match it at the drive communication.

CA uses blanket advertising, which refers to the idea where a hundred million people received the same piece of direct mail. CA matched offline data to cookies to drive digital advertising, social media banners and use these data to inform direct mail purchases. Moreover, the CA went through the advertisement from the different cable provider and picked up the one which having highest density among all so they could possibly reach their target audiences. This not only reduces the cost of the advertising but also return on investment.