Democrat Darling Alec Baldwin Hurls Another Gay Slur at Reporter: “C-ck-Sucking Fag!”

Democrat Darling Alec Baldwin Hurls Another Gay Slur at Reporter: “C-ck-Sucking Fag!”

Alec demonstrates his tolerance during a previous encounter with the press.

Baldwin has a long history of hurling homophobic slurs at strangers.

Baldwin will likely get a pass for his intolerant attacks just as Mika Brzezinski did earlier this week when SHE accused Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of being a “wannabe dictator’s butt boy.”

The hypocrisy on the left never ends.

Outside his apartment this morning, Alec Baldwin and his family were swarmed by paparazzi, as they often are. Baldwin became irate and chased them away, as he often does. Then he directed a gay slur at one of them — in this case, ”cock-sucking fag” — as he often does.

In 1992, Baldwin called a horse-drawn-carriage driver a “faggot” for supporting the expansion of carriage rides outside of Central Park. In September of 2011, Baldwin referred to a Starbucks barista as an “uptight queen.” In June of 2012, Baldwin called Daily News editor-in-chief Colin Myler an “English Queen.” In June of 2013, Baldwin called Daily Mail journalist George Stark a “toxic little queen” who would “dig it” if Baldwin stuck his foot up his ass.

Baldwin will probably apologize for his latest bout of gay-slur Tourettes. He may point to his advocacy on behalf of marriage equality and insist that calling someone a fag has nothing to do with homophobia. And sure, we’d bet that Baldwin doesn’t actually have anything against gay people. But he obviously does have a troubling knee-jerk tendency to use homophobic slurs when he gets angry.

Revolutionary New Cancer Treatment Heals Ohio Woman in Only 30 Days

Revolutionary New Cancer Treatment Heals Ohio Woman in Only 30 Days

Many issues transcend politics — or should — and, just like Alzheimer’s (about which I wrote recently — here) this is certainly one of them.

A woman in Youngstown, Ohio claims a clinical trial has left her cancer-free.

Denise Keenan was diagnosed in 2009 with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She’s been battling the disease ever since, with periods of remission interspersed.

After almost a decade of struggle and several failed treatments, she told Cleveland’s Fox 8, she’d more or less given up:

“[I] started getting used to the idea of not being here anymore.”

Her husband, Jim, confirmed:

“She’s convinced me probably a hundred times over the years that she was a goner.”

According to pet scans, the cancer had spread throughout her lungs and chest.

But in August, something amazing occurred.

Denise participated in a clinical trial for a treatment called CAR T-cell Therapy, which, administered via a single syringe, re-engineers a person’s T-cells to locate and destroy their cancer cells.

University Hospitals is the nation’s first administrator of such a trial.

Here’s a quote from Dr. Paolo Caimi, an oncologist:

“We collect the patient’s cells (and) they get modified with a particular virus that introduces the genetic modification over twelve to 14 days.”

Thirty days after the trial’s initiation, Denise’s cancer is gone.

Of course, as she acknowledges, the long term is anyone’s guess:

“The jury’s still out as far as how long this is gonna last because they just don’t have a lot of long term data.”

For now, though, she could be one of the first recipients of a modern marvel. Either way, she’s optimistic and enjoying the blessing it’s brought, if only for the time being:

“The future is unknown, so just enjoy the moment. I think you’re a lot happier if you can do that.”

As per Fox 8, the treatment doesn’t appear to work on everyone; nevertheless, it could be revolutionary:

Doctors say they still don’t know exactly why some people respond better to CAR T-cells than others, since the trial is still in the very early stages.
But they say the new treatment is very promising, especially for cancers of the blood and organs.

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Special operations boss calls for change amid troop misconduct allegations

Special operations boss calls for change amid troop misconduct allegations

The head of U.S. special operations forces has issued a call to action after a series of high-profile instances of misconduct revealed a damaged culture of discipline in the ranks.

“Left unchecked, an eroded values system threatens to erode the trust of our fellow comrades, our senior leaders, and ultimately the American people,” U.S. Special Operations Command boss Gen. Tony Thomas wrote in a message to the force Wednesday.

The message, which calls for “rapid and focused action to begin to identify and address the underlying causes,” comes after a series of incidents that have raised alarms within the military.

Among the cases that have garnered headlines: four special operations troops charged in connection with the 2017 murder of a Green Beret while on assignment in Mali, and a SEAL standing trial on charges he murdered an Islamic State prisoner in Iraq. The ambush of a special operations team in Niger, which led to the deaths of four soldiers, also resulted in several reprimands to those involved in the mission planning.

“Correcting this trend will take committed leadership at all levels of our command and personal moral courage by all,” Thomas wrote.


On Jan. 1, SOCOM will launch a 90-day internal review, which will require officers O-5 and above to get more involved with their troops, according to Thomas’ message, which was first reported on by Newsweek. The review also includes a look at instruction, culture, command climate surveys and research into behavioral health issues associated with operations.

Thomas said the trend of misconduct cuts across all sectors of the special operations community.

“A survey of allegations of misconduct across our formations over the last year indicate the USSOCOM faces a deeper challenge of a disordered view of the Team and the Individual in our SOF Culture.”

“No component or command has escaped this trend and all of us will feel the disproportionate and negative impacts of these incidents on our missions and people,” Thomas wrote.


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As Israel steps up West Bank response, Palestinian Authority takes a blow

As Israel steps up West Bank response, Palestinian Authority takes a blow

The Palestinian Authority fears the rise in clashes with the Israel Defense Forces is further undermining its standing with Palestinians in the West Bank and increasing support for Hamas. That, at least, is the conclusion that can be drawn from protests in Nablus, Hebron and Ramallah the PA forcibly dispersed Friday.

It wasn’t the first time in the past decade that PA police officers have clashed with Palestinian protesters in the shadow of IDF attacks in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but it came at a political low point for the PA, at home and abroad, and at a time of economic crisis for the PA and its Palestinian inhabitants.

No wonder the Palestinian National Initiative — a relatively young political force with an important role in the intra-Palestinian reconciliation efforts — has warned against turning “heroic and brave confrontation with the occupation and its criminal settlers into fighting among Palestinians that only serves the Netanyahu government and its policies.”

The Nablus and Hebron protests on Friday were held to mark the 31st anniversary of Hamas. The official reason for the violent breakup of the protest in Nablus — PA police fired into the air and beat demonstrators, among other actions — was that participants had raised a Hamas flag and refused to wave Palestinian flags. The official reason for dispersing the Hebron demonstration, in part by hitting female protesters with batons, was that in a premeditated provocation they had slandered the PA.

The Palestinian public views the incidents in which Israeli soldiers and civilians were shot near the Givat Assaf outpost and the entrance to the settlement of Ofra as legitimate acts of heroism against the endless encroachment of settlers in the area. Associating the shootings with a Hamas cell reinforces the patriotic-nationalist image of the Islamic resistance movement, in contrast to the PA’s image as the “subcontractor of the occupation.”

It’s difficult not to notice, especially at a time of continuous, intensive military raids, how the Palestinian security forces are deployed: No Israeli soldiers are in evidence whenever armed and uniformed Palestinian troops are about. The reverse is also true: There are no Palestinian police in sight whenever Israeli soldiers raid a neighborhood, breaking into shops and homes, confiscating security camera footage and shooting at young people who throw stones at them.

The disappearance of Palestinian police from the streets follows warnings issued by the army. To many, this is an absurd situation, enshrined in the Oslo Accords, that prevents the Palestinian National Security Forces from defending their compatriots from Israeli military attacks.

Last week the residents of Ramallah experienced military raids of extraordinary proportions, compared to recent years. There were continuous raids, gunfire aimed at stone-throwing protesters, roadblocks at city exits and the takeover of homes, in addition to settlers attacking cars and homes.

When the Palestinian security forces attack their own people rather than protecting them, contempt for them grows. Then, when the ruling party, Fatah, calls for protests against the occupation (for example, on village lands that settler violence prevents farmers from accessing), the calls are met in the best case with pity and in the worst with scorn.

IDF forces have killed five Palestinians since Wednesday. In each case, Palestinians believe these were extrajudicial executions, carried out instead of arrests: Ashraf Na’alwa, the perpetrator of the attack in Barkan over two months ago; Saleh Barghouthi, the suspected shooter at Ofra; Majd Mteir, of the Qalandiyah refugee camp, who stabbed police officers in the Old City of Jerusalem; Hamdan al-Arada, 67, a businessman who, after encountering soldiers in the El Bireh industrial zone, panicked and lost control of his vehicle. Soldiers assumed he was perpetrating a car-ramming attack. The fifth was Mahmoud Nakhleh of the Jalazun refugee camp. According to residents, soldiers shot him in the abdomen Friday and delayed his evacuation to a hospital.

The third protest that was quelled was by Nakhleh’s friends in Jalazun, north of Ramallah. On Friday they marched through El Bireh, planning to demonstrate at the grave of Yasser Arafat. After being forcibly dispersed they headed to Ramallah’s Manara Square. On the way, they set garbage bins alight and rolled them onto the street. They broke security cameras and demanded shopkeepers shut their doors in mourning for Nakhleh. A journalist accompanying them in a live feed and who was careful not to focus the cameras on their faces, told viewers they were expressing outrage at their friend’s death.

But by daring to disrupt life in these ostensibly calm, more complacent cities, they exposed an old social rift between the refugee camps and the rest of society and its official leaders. These tensions have risen in a period of economic decline and a sense of hopelessness about the future. In a conciliatory effort, a partial day of mourning was declared on Saturday, while Nakhleh was buried. At the same time, the Palestinian intelligence service arrested the journalist for broadcasting their protest by video link, according to his relatives. The direct broadcast had obviously exposed too many internal problems and social tensions that could be interpreted as weakness of the PA, a lack of solidarity and growing alienation.

Fear for the PA’s fate was hinted by the official news agency Wafa’s report of a visit by Egyptian intelligence to the presidency in Ramallah Thursday. The official reports said Egypt expressed support for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the PA and the Palestinian people. Between the lines one could detect concern that the Egyptian authorities had accepted Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip.

Attending the meeting were Abbas, the heads of Palestinian intelligence and preventive security and a senior Fatah and PA official, who enjoys the most direct access to Israeli authorities: Hussein al-Sheikh, the head of the administration for civilian affairs (the counterpart of Israel’s coordinator of government activities in the territories). The delegation couldn’t enter or leave Ramallah without Israel’s permission. If giving its permission means that Israel also accepts Egypt’s message, the signal on the ground is the opposite.

At midnight Friday, around 20 activists of the popular resistance committees against the settlements and the fence gathered at the home of Islam Abu Hmeid, in the Amari refugee camp in El Bireh. Abu Hmaid killed a soldier in Israel’s Duvdevan special forces unit in May, throwing a marble slab onto him from a balcony during a military raid on the camp.

The protesters knew the army would soon arrive to destroy the house, and said they intended to prevent that from happening. Indeed a large contingent of troops arrived at the scene early Saturday morning and clamped a curfew on the area and the surrounding neighborhoods.

As this story was being written Saturday morning, the house was blown up. About 60 people were injured in ensuing clashes, including journalists the Palestinians said were attacked by the soldiers.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said 300 Palestinians were wounded in confrontations throughout the West Bank in the past 24 hours. Palestinian security personnel were not present, at least not armed or in uniform. Their absence may have been regarded as natural and perhaps logical and understandable, had they not on so many previous occasions violently suppressed their own people’s freedom of expression and rights to organize and demonstrate.


No surprise: White House press party canceled this year

No surprise: White House press party canceled this year

In a move that shocked no one, President Trump canceled the annual Christmas party at the White House for the press who cover him. A formal announcement was not made but a member of the Trump-friendly Fox News team broke the news. Howard Kurtz reported that in a further escalation in the contentious relationship between Trump and the press, there would be no gathering at all. Traditionally, the party represented by the president foots the bill for the soiree. It is not paid for by the taxpayers.

Last year, President Trump and Melania hosted the annual event but Trump skipped the traditional photo opportunity with individual members. Normally, those in attendance stand in line for a picture with the president and First Lady. It’s a nice souvenir of the evening. Again, this was no surprise given the hostile relationship the president has with most of the press. Can you blame him? When over 90% of the coverage of the man and his administration is negative reporting, I don’t blame him for not wanting to fake it with a quick smile and pose while making a little bit of small talk.

The annual Christmas-season gathering was a significant perk for those covering the White House, as well as other Washington reporters, anchors, and commentators, and New York media executives would regularly fly in for the occasion. At its peak, the invitation-only soirees grew so large that there were two back-to-back events, one for broadcast outlets and one for print organizations.

Journalists who attended the events, which featured a catered buffet of lamb chops, crab claws, and elaborate desserts, got to roam the decorated mansion with a spouse or other family member, a friend or a colleague, adding to the invitation’s allure.

But the biggest fringe-benefit was the picture-taking sessions, in which the president and first lady would patiently pose with guests and briefly chat with them in front of a Christmas tree, with the White House sending out the photos — copies of which were invariably sent home to mom. This would take a couple of hours, with long lines snaking across the building’s first floor. Bill Clinton even posed for pictures with journalists days after he was impeached.

As you might have predicted, the usual suspects took to Twitter to feign indifference to the decision. They weren’t going to attend anyway, they pouted. It reminds me of the times athletes refuse an invitation to the White House after winning championship titles. They’d rather make a personal political statement than accept congratulations from the president. Here are a couple of examples of the response of the press.

The White House issued a statement to The Hill when asked about the decision.

“The White House Christmas press party was not put on the holiday schedule this year,” the statement read.

“However, we have accommodated members of the media and their families who have asked to see the holiday decorations by arranging White House Open House Tours for them.”

So, no lamb chops but they can get a tour and pose with all the beautiful seasonal decorations. That sounds like a reasonable compromise, especially given the snobbery of today’s press. The problem, to me, is that the press thinks they are the celebrities, the story. The shenanigans of CNN’s Jim Acosta and the open hostility of some of the others to this White House don’t exactly make them sympathetic figures. This year Time Magazine named four journalists and a newspaper as the 2018 Person of the Year. Though the executive editor was quick to deny this as a smack to President Trump, it is the first time this distinction has been awarded to journalists. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

The designation wasn’t intended as a specific message to the magazine’s runner-up choice, President Donald Trump, who has denounced “fake news” and called some reporters enemies of the people, said Ben Goldberger, executive editor.

Time cited four figures it called “the guardians.” Besides Khashoggi, they are the staff of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, where five people were shot to death in June; Philippine journalist Maria Ressa; and Reuters reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, who have been jailed in Myanmar for a year.

It’s the first time since the magazine began the end-of-year tradition in 1927 that Time has featured a journalist or recognized someone posthumously.

Hey, look who was the third-place finisher this year. If he finds enough dirt to throw at President Trump, he can win next year. James Comey must be so disappointed that he lost out altogether.

The third-place finisher this year was special counsel Robert Mueller, who Time indicated could move up in next year’s rankings depending on the findings of his investigation into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia.

I don’t wish death or imprisonment on anyone for simply doing a job. Lots of jobs are hazardous, though, and there are a lot of dangerous places in the world. A Texan has been missing in Syria since 2012. Now 37 years old, I rarely see coverage of his capture. Austin Tice is believed to be alive and the Trump administration has given new hope to his parents and family. That is something they didn’t receive from the previous president, the one that the press loved and turned a blind eye to any negative reporting on.

The U.S. government believes that journalist Austin Tice, missing for more than six years in Syria, is still alive, according to the Trump administration’s top official for freeing hostages.

The FBI is still chasing down leads, including from his fellow journalists, but the U.S. “has every reason to believe” Tice is still alive and being held captive in Syria, said Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs Robert O’Brien in his first public remarks on the case.

Say what you will about President Trump’s personality. He has been very effective in getting back Americans who have been held hostage in foreign lands.

Making celebrities out of journalists is a slippery slope. There is way too much of opinion writing passing for facts these days and President Trump calls them out for it. Maybe it’s time someone did. The lines have been blurred for too long. Time Magazine ironically proves the point.


Dem Congresswoman Is HORRIFIED At Having To Order *GASP* CHRISTMAS CATERING

Dem Congresswoman Is HORRIFIED At Having To Order *GASP* CHRISTMAS CATERING

Ashley (Kimber)

Democratic Rep. Debbie Dingell has it SO. FREAKING. HARD. you guys!




Sit down, Debbie. This is embarrassing.


Typical Democrat entitlement.

I’ve worked through nearly EVERY holiday this year. You know – because that’s how I pay my bills. STUFF IT, DINGELL.


Incoming Dem Rep Ilhan Omar Mocks VP Pence’s Christian Faith

Incoming Dem Rep Ilhan Omar Mocks VP Pence’s Christian Faith

Omar already caused controversy with anti-Semitic tweets and support for Israel boycott, now she goes after Christians

Representative-elect Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has demonstrated that she has no more use for Christians than she does for Jews.

In a remarkably snarky tweet devoid of any degree of self-awareness, she mocks Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith, but don’t expect her to get the same treatment that conservative commentator Laura Loomer received when she was banned from Twitter for pointing out proven facts about Omar.

Omar, you may recall, is an avowed Islamist who has tweeted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

She also touts a favorite (and false) leftist-Islamist claim that Israel is an “Apartheid regime.”

Additionally, Omar is a proud supporter of the BDS movement that calls for a boycott, academic and otherwise, of Israel.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising that someone so steeped in misguided and visceral hatred for Israel and the Jewish people would also disdain and mock Christians.

She tweeted:

Can you even begin to imagine the blow-back if a conservative Christian or Jewish representative-elect posted a tweet mocking Islam and Mohammed?

They’d not only get banned from Twitter but would be shamed, bullied, and harassed until they apologized and lost their job/career/livelihood (and lived under the threat of a fatwa).

The Daily Caller reports:

Minnesota Democratic Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar is drawing fire for a tweet she posted Tuesday of Vice President Mike Pence along with the words, “Jesus take the wheel!”

Omar’s headline also included the hashtag #BorderWall. The picture of Pence with his eyes closed was taken during Tuesday’s explosive meeting between President Donald Trump, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer on the topic of border wall funding. Along with being a familiar saying to many Christians, the phrase “Jesus Take The Wheel,” is also the name of country superstar Carrie Underwood’s first number one song.

The comment did not go over well on Twitter.

One of my favorite persons on Twitter noted the vile hypocrisy of the Big Tech purging of conservatives from all forms of social media while allowing racism and religious bigotry directed at white Christians.

Keep in mind, Omar is a rising star in the Democrat Party, constantly in front of the cameras as the new face of Democrats.  Maybe that’s a good thing . . . for Republicans.


President Trump Makes Unannounced Trip to Arlington Cemetery on Wreaths Across America Day (VIDEO)

President Trump Makes Unannounced Trip to Arlington Cemetery on Wreaths Across America Day (VIDEO)

President Trump Makes Unannounced Trip to Arlington Cemetery on Wreaths Across America Day (VIDEO)

Please enable JavaScript in your browser.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

President Trump Makes Unannounced Trip to Arlington Cemetery on Wreaths Across America Day (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump made an unannounced trip to Arlington Cemetery on National Wreaths Across America Day.

Here’s video:

President Trump took part in the annual event in Arlington Cemetery.

[embedded content]

WATCH: What Fetus? Planned Parenthood Admits It’s a Baby

WATCH: What Fetus? Planned Parenthood Admits It’s a Baby

In a surprise move, Planned Parenthood released an animated sex education video last month, wherein they say that mass of multiplying cells in a woman’s stomach is…a baby.

The video asks, “Where do babies come from,” and it’s meant to instruct parents on how to answer that question.

Personally, I prefer “From the stork.”

Shockingly, during the 3-minute directive, at no point is there any mention of a “fetus.” It’s just a baby, from beginning to end:

“You can say ‘A baby grows in a parent’s belly and comes out of their vagina. That may be all it takes to satisfy their curiosity.”

A baby grows?

Then why is it fantastic to do anything to that baby? According to Planned Parenthood, abortions save lives and do amazing things (here, here, here, and here).

Yet in the video, it’s “baby, baby, baby”:

“If they ask, ‘How does the baby get in the belly’ You can say something like, ‘Most women have tiny eggs in a special part of their belly. Most men have very tiny seeds, called sperm. If sperm and egg meet, they can grow into a baby.’”

If Planned Parenthood recognizes the life that is growing, then what of its services?

However, the video does promote what sounds like, perhaps, a bit of moral relativism:

“It’s a big responsibility and a personal choice, and what’s right for one person isn’t always right for another. Kids can also understand that there are ways to prevent pregnancy. You can say something like, ‘There are things people can use that stop sperm from getting to an egg, if they don’t want to have a baby.’”

And I assume the comment of “most women” having eggs and “most men” having seeds is a kooky insertion of transgender activism (such as this stunning story).

Still, for the largest abortion provider in America to admit that what rests inside a woman’s belly during pregnancy is a baby seems like the greatest antithetical statement to their cause. It’s the foundation of what all those pro-life people they don’t like have been saying for years.

If Planned Parenthood believes that the large protruding mass within a pregnant woman is a baby, it may want to reconsider its planetary mission.

Relevant RedState links in this article: here, here, herehere, and here.

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Apparently People Want A “Gender Neutral” Santa Now

Apparently People Want A “Gender Neutral” Santa Now

Ashley (Kimber)

So… this is happening, I guess?


Should jolly old Saint Nicholas become jolly old Saint Nicola? Should Santa be gender neutral? More than a quarter of people who responded to a new online survey by GraphicSprings say yes.

And that’s not all. When asked how they would modernize Santa, twenty percent of people responded that he should have tattoos. Eighteen percent responded that his iconic red-and-white suit should be replaced with skinny jeans. And twenty two percent said that Santa should ditch the sleigh in exchange for a flying car.

These people realize Santa is based on a real person, right?

Next, they’re gonna want “gender-neutral founding fathers.”

But REALLY? A QUARTER? I feel like I’d be hard pressed to find a handful of people who agree with this nonsense, despite the fact that I probably know more libs than I do Conservatives.


This makes a lot more sense, TBH.

A quarter of all gender studies majors? (JK. They ALL want this.)


Because he IS one.

Our entire world has gone mad. It’s not even funny anymore.